To decrease the stigmatization of mental illness and addiction for our nation’s military, veterans, and first responders in an effort to

bridge the gap with conventional treatment by providing

complimentary services. 

We are:

* A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)*

* 501(c)(3) non-profit organization*

*(status pending)*

"An unconventional wellness network"




To bear witness to the eventual paradigm shift of how mental illness and addiction is viewed and treated in such a way that those suffering are empowered to reach out with the confidence that they have a multitude of innovative solutions for recovery.




Philanthropy provides the foundation to live life to the fullest;

it can cause...


Emotional shifts in ways that are unimaginable. Peace...real peace, can be achieved in all aspects of our life and can cultivate...


Altruism and a renewed purpose towards selfless service in the name of humanity and the greater good. We all have...


Choices to make...a conscious decision to determine what path to follow.

In order to heal, we must....

Exercise our minds as well as our bodies through repetitive habitual acts resulting in complete metamorphosis. This can be achieved through...


Mindfulness [and Meditation]...it involves being present, paying undivided attention to the moment to moment experiences that unfold before you. When practiced as a way of life, mindfulness can lead to...


Awareness of one’s self and how to lead an intentional life of…


Kindness to others in such a way that we can ultimately achieve sudden...


Enlightenment  and peace for our souls. We strive to restore the gift of life back to those in…


Recovery from mental illness and addiction that once ruled over us or our loved ones.


Our purpose



Veterans, military servicemembers, and emergency first responders are often collectively referred to in some communities as “The Peacemakers.” This unique set of individuals includes fire rescue and law enforcement (police, county sheriff’s, highway patrol, corrections, and federal agents)…anyone who is in the business of

“keeping the peace.”


Although some of their methods are viewed as violent or aggressive, the absolute majority of these fine men and women simply want peace in their lives.


The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines deploy worldwide in an effort to stabilize nations so that their citizens may ultimately live in a peaceful environment.


Firefighters stand ready and are called upon to battle blazing infernos to restore peace from the chaos and destruction caused by fire.


Our police officers take an oath to serve and protect the individuals and communities where law and order is necessary to prevent civil unrest.


Emergency medical personnel are called upon to do one thing: save lives.   Whether on the streets as medics or in the hospitals as ER nurses, providers, and technicians…the very existence of their profession, is to intervene at the crossroads of life and death.


In this day and age, we are seeing more of our peacemakers end their own lives after long hard fought battles in their own heads while trying to restore the peace in their own hearts, minds, and souls.